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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Secrets of Ceylon: What happened to the Jews of Sri Lanka, from Asian Jewish Life, Issue 6, 2011

Andrew Harris' latest piece. I think Andrew has diplomatically covered many of the complex issues.
Here's the link:


it said...

I have a "Burgher" ethnic identity. My mothers maiden name was Bartholomeusz. A cousin who was developing a genealogy suggested that he had heard or seen info suggesting the name is connected to the court of King David...Also, my Grandmothers maiden name was Elias...the funny thing is I have always felt a very strong affinity with the Jewish community? often thought that perhaps in another life I may have been Jewish....also, especially with the 'Elias' just assumed there is Jewish ancestry there somewhere.

Tara said...

Hi, My birthname is Tara Bartholomeusz and, though raised Anglican, have been taught that a traditional story of probable Jewish ancestry has been passed down through the years. Many cousins confirm Sabbath candle lighting while maintaining Christian identity.