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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back Online

I have finally recovered my email address jewsinsrilanka@gmail.com and have been wading thru spam and correspondence. I have some leads to follow up and will in the next week or so upload new posts (I promise!).
However I should say what I am/this blog is NOT: I am not an accommodation finder nor a living person searcher. If you want details about shul activities currently in Sri Lanka, Rabbi Mendi from Chabad Sri Lanka is the best to contact.

I cannot undertake personal genealogical searches for you or give verifying information as the whether you ancestor is a Jew or not. I may because other people read this blog put up your information because often this involves piecing material together. Because people are not told about their religious pasts, and there are many myths ... I have learnt that nothing is certain. This is a big issue in proving one's Jewish status, like myself you probably don't have any papers/records -- that's what colonisation does, it destroys lineages. I will write more about this soon as there are some sections of Judaism that now recognise this important excluded group.

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