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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jewish Gravestones in Kanatte

Today (6th March 2007) in the heat a friend and I walked through the Kanatte (Borella) cemetery. After showing mock pictures of Jewish graves stones - I have found 4 verified Jewish graves. So much for there not being Jews in Sri Lanka!!!!!!!!! I will be entering the data on the International Jewish Cemeteries Web site. For security reasons, to prevent these graves being desecrated I will not reveal on this site complex details. I can tell you there is [surnames deleted]... (all with Hebrew inscriptions, which need to be translated) and a [surnames deleted] ... (came via China) - all are early to mid 1800's. There are others - but their status is speculative at this point in time. A fruitful day indeed!

Update 2011: here are some photos. I have not identified where they are from, not to who's graves they are for security reasons.

Inscription of the Grave above.

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