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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Quicky - Getting there with the research

I have nearly finished my article for publication in a journal - and will make it available online once it has been submitted to a journal. Unfortunately there are issues with people copying people's work, so one has to be careful. I have not had much luck with substantiating the matter of the building called "The Synagogue" - so will have to do some archival research. I will be putting in an advert in the English paper "The Daily News" to see if I get any responses. I do have some good historical material which is strong up till the British time. The British period at this stage is filled with colonials who came and went - and not so much on a community as such. The research conditions are a little difficult as there is some tension around the Israeli issue. Sri Lanka has broken off relations with Israel in the late 1960's and has resumed them in an offshore arrangment- does anyone have any information on this. The SL govt I understand buys Israeli military hardware.

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