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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Book on the Way?

Well eventually!!!! I am currently upgrading and correcting the unpublished article I wrote in 2007 (this is circulating on the web) into a book. New information and argument is being added, so if you have any new information, this is the time to email me (jewsinsrilanka@gmail.com). I am planning to have each of the time periods of colonisation constitute a separate chapter.

 I have been currently plowing though many source materials on Jews in the ancient Ceylon (Yes, many book sources will probably result in only a couple of paragraphs!). In June I will be in London and hope to access the Rothschild Archive to get more information on the (De) Worm brothers who first planted tea in Sri Lanka.

THE WHEELS TURN SLOWLY ... I am still working on the book (2015)


Suwisal said...

My great grand father was David and he name my grand
father John. My father told me that counter to Buddhist
culture he was to be buried like his Father and his grand father. we are sinhala , however I live in US and a christian. I was born a buddhist, I feel moire jewish
how can one find out.

Suwisal said...
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