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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Great News - Chabad has an Official Presence in Sri Lanka


First Jewish center in Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka too was placed on the map On November 2005, when Rabbi Mendi & Mrs. Talia Crombie arrived on the island to establish a Sri Lankan Jewish center for the first time in history. From November 2005 to April 2006 the Chabad house operated at the Hikkaduwa resort, where hundreds of Israeli surfers come for holiday. During those months the Chabad house held Evening activities, Shabbat dinners and Holiday activities on Chanukah and Purim. In the following months the activity expanded to Jews living in the capital of Colombo and gatherings began to be held for them also, mostly on holidays.n April, the Chabad House was permanently situated in Colombo in order to establish a Jewish community there and to provide Jewish necessities for the Jews living in the city and for businessmen and tourists who visit it.Within a short period of time, the Jews living in Colombo were forged into a vibrant active community. The activity included gatherings on Shabbat and Holidays and many Jewish related activities for adults and children. The peak was in the Yom Kippur prayers held at the Hilton hotel, with all of the community members participating. This was the first time Sri Lanka saw a Jewish Minyan in High Holidays prayer. Chabad House also became an address for Jews visiting Sri Lanka and are looking for Kosher food and other Jewish services.We are now working G-d willing to establish a Jewish Center in cooperation with Ascent of Zefat. The center will include a Synagogue, a Mikva, a Kosher Restaurant and a library. We are also working to complete the writing of a book of Torah.Let's be partners, and may the almighty bless you and bestow upon you goodness both physically and spiritually from his ever full hand.

In U.S.A: 170 College Ave. New Brunswich, New Jersey. 08901

For Tax Deductible donations please write checks for: Ascent of Zefat - CSL Project.

Tax ID#: 11-2879462

In Canada: Ascent, 20 Shenstone Rd., willowdale, ON M2R 3B5

For Tax Deductible donations please write checks for: Ascent of Zefat - CSL Project.

In Israel: 221/11 Kiryat Chabad, Tzfat. 13410

In U.K: 3 Sunny Gardens Parade, London NW4 1JA, Charity #: 328625 (please send us your gift aid form).

For Tax Deductible donations please write checks for: Friends of Ascent – CSL Project.

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